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Cannot reach Network Drive since Windows 10 April update except


I have an annoying issue since the April Update of of Windows 10  that only clears if i turn off my firewall

i have a seagate network drive connected to my router with a ethernet cable (not direct to laptop)

since windows 7 the only way of reaching this drive is to use a short cut i made with a link as follows

\\Seagate-000000.local   the zero's is where my drive number goes which i have taken out of this example for security

anyway since the update my laptop cannot see the drive and it comes up with an error

Error code: 0x80070035   apparently this error is well know in this update of windows,  but that hardly helps me

i have tried countless times over the internet to change this using youtube videos and diagrams and follow this and follow that,  NONE WORK

the only thing that works is turning off my bitdefender firewall...  as this is a link i have not been able to add it exclusions,  if there is a way of fixing this please tell me as this is driving me nuts.




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    funny how some of these things go,  i have struggled for weeks with this and now it looks like i have fixed the issue.   after posting the above post I turned off my bitdefender firewall and refreshed my network screen and low and behold there was my seagate drive.   Now here's the weird part,  i made a brand new shortcut and placed it on my desktop and clicked on it and i was able to access the drive.  I then re-enabled my bitdefender network and tried to access it again and it works,  I have not idea why it just does,  I'm totally puzzled.. whether it adds something to your security administration settings automatically i have no idea.  going to reboot and hopefully come back here and tell you it all still works.

  • oh well back to square one,  it don't work

  • anyone with an answer?