Spam Pop Up for 2018

For the past few days I have been receiving popups on a daily basis telling me that BitDefender 2018 is available for download. Despite me having TICKED THE OPT OUT FROM THESE SORTS OF MESSAGES in the BitDefender 2015 options. But, as is the case EVERY YEAR, you have chosen to IGNORE this setting. Up until now, I have simply been able to close these popups, but now the option to do that has been removed. Now, there is only the option to download, or delay by up to four hours, and the little X to close the pop up has been removed.

Is there ANY way at all that I can disable these pop ups?! Because for the time being, my options seem limited to either moving the popup off screen, and praying that it doesn't auto download the update... or uninstall BitDefender, and lose the 500+ days I have left on my licence.

And before someone asks "Why not just update to 2018?" ... I CAN'T update, as EVERY VERSION PAST 2015 DOES NOT WORK ON MY COMPUTER.

Also, as is the case from last year, I will once again ask you to PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP pushing these SPAM pop ups on users WHO CANNOT UPGRADE, and whom HAVE TICKED THE BOX IN GENERAL SETTING TO OPT OUT OF RECEIVING SPECIAL OFFERS AND PRODUCT NOTIFICATIONS. Seriously, what is the point in there even being such an option if you COMPLETELY IGNORE IT EVERY YEAR.


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  • Update to my initial post.

    After doing some digging, I have found that the "Bitdefender 2018 is here" pop-ups are being generated by the bdmigrate.exe process.

    The good news is, this process can be killed via the Task Manager, thus closing the otherwise uncloseable pop-up.

    The bad news, is that the process re-launches itself every day, meaning that the Task Manager must be used on a daily basis in order to kill the process, and get rid of the pop-up.

    Given that this process is not a mission critical one required for Bitdefender to operate, I have used the following guide to create a RegEdit to, hopefully, block the bdmigrate.exe process from being able to launch at all.

    I will update this thread tomorrow with whether this approach has worked or not.