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Change logs, please!


Many of us have requested reliable, timely posting of change logs so we know why we're so often required to restart our computers for an update to take effect.  (This is even more of an inconvenience since the reminder to restart doesn't disappear after we restart via Windows or do a cold reboot; for some reason, we're required to restart through Bitdefender itself.)  In the 2018 forums, change logs were posted only once occasionally despite repeated pleas for someone on staff to do them regularly.  The fact that the forum category "Update" has been removed altogether in 2019 suggests we're moving in the wrong direction.


  • ozziebear

    Hi...As far as user interaction with the product goes, BD has been moving in the opposite direction for quite some time now.

  • Case in point: I just restarted a few days ago because of an update that allegedly required doing so.  And now today -- ANOTHER prompt for a restart.  Again, no information at all has been supplied about either update so that users can decide for themselves whether it's worth the trouble to restart. 

    (Separately, one has to wonder why the developers can't space out these major updates - or even figure out a way to apply them without requiring users to constantly restart their computers.  Having used several other brands of security software over the past few years, I don't recall anything similar.)

  • cee_naa

    The previous update was a bugfix (from what I can tell, as it fixed some obvious issues), but after being installed caused another problem, so the latest update (v23.0.10.31) was issued to fix that.

    +1 for the logs

  • cee_naa:  How do you know this? Is it posted somewhere that I missed?

  • cee_naa

    Edit typo: * patch (23.0.08_0001)

    14 minutes ago, Bleb Nevus said:

    cee_naa:  How do you know this? Is it posted somewhere that I missed?

    I wrote two topics here describing the issues. 

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