Anti-Theft location is incorrect, making it pointless

Before it showed my correct location, why now is based on maybe my IPS ip server location. When I run test Geo-location from my browser it manage to find my correct location. Bitdefender didn't manage to verify my correct location and putting my PC in risk if ever my PC get stolen. Please fix ASAP.


  • New day, same issue. Please fix.

  • Hi, 


    Are you connected to the internet through Wi-Fi? The location when connected through Ethernet/4G tends to be less accurate. 

  • Yes I'm connected to Ethernet via cable connection. I hope in worst case scenario my laptop to not be stolen from someone using 4g. The site seem to track my location with no problem. You can find way to make your system to work in the same way.

  • Hi,

    Currently , trying to locate a device connected via Ethernet will simply show the location of your interent service provider's NS.  This is an expected behavior and is not expected to change in the near future. 

    Please note that the anti-theft functions are intended for mobile devices which are more likely to be lost or possibly stolen and will use a wifi or mobile data network to correctly identify the device location.

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