User vs Admin settings and more

1. Some settings are greyed out when the user is not an administrator, understandable.

This raises the important question for user changeable settings, are these per user or general?

Some settings are unavailable for the user, even read-only is not allowed, why?

2. Some actions cannot be done by a user:

For normal usage i run as ordinary user, this user should be able to clear/have-read notifications for example.

Generally i agree with a lot of forum-members that BD2019 is not an improvement on BD2018.

It seems to be: less user interaction, less calls we get. So let BD2019 do all and don't let the user interfere.

The scan-ssl, now called differently, will not let the user see the true certificate, but you get nagged when you disable that setting, Wrong.

The proof that BD2019 has not been tested the way it should, is the unwanted scanning of usb-attached external disks, causing the unable to safely remove.

That is the wrong direction if you want AV-experts to promote BD to their "neighbours"

I have been working in IT and support on 1,2, and 3rd level and have advised many to use BD, not anymore.  i'm afraid.

I suspect the added "change encryped files" on-the fly to the original will cause a lot of delay in file processing. (shadow files?)


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