Erratic and spurious phone location reported

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

Anti-theft normally quickly locates any of the mobile devices, when located at home.

But, when out, I am getting essentially unusable results:

For example, BD located a Samsung phone  764 km away yesterday, and then 42 minutes later BD reported it at the correct location, where it had been all day.

Today I tried similar and BD reported the location was approximately 6 km away (at home) from the correct location (at work).  The correct location was reported on a refresh 4 minutes later, the phone had not moved.

I am concerned about this feature.  If I wish to use it for my kids devices it seems I cannot reasonably reply on it.

I'd like to see a list of last known locations over short time, say a day, and the location of the current request pending, until resolved - and then shown on the list.  Obviously I'd also like to see the location accurate.


  • The location, when the phone is connected through mobile data can be less accurate, than when connected through Wi-Fi, however 700km away is a little much. Any chance of the phone having been connected to a VPN at that time?


  • Unlikely, but possible.  We don't actively use the feture.

    I'm having problems generally now that the devices never return an updated location when they are on mobile data.  Google maps timeline has them moving about but Bitdefender gives me nothing.  I may need to switch to a chat session sometime soon.