Rescue CD not working in graphical or troubleshooting

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I downloaded the ISO from the site directly yesterday.

In graphical mode it shows the logo and the progress bar then it gets stuck on "starting version 232" indefinitely.


In troubleshooting I reach the login prompt, I use livecd as the account and then type startx to bring up the graphical mode. I get a nice segmentation fault!

I have attached the Xorg.log in question. Keep in mind I use both linux and windows in this laptop just fine.



So I changed boot to UEFI since well your image uses EFI, graphical got stuck again but troubleshooting brought me to a GUI login and I managed to access the environment.


  • It doesn't seem to have the drivers necessary to access the micro SD slot it has

  • Networking is fully dead



/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18689" data-fileid="18689" rel="">Xorg.log

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