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Windows Vulnerability Updates for Windows Defender


This part of the product is not working anything like it should do. I regularly get updates to tell me my system has a high vulnerability and that Windows Defender has updates that need to be applied. If I click the update button to apply this update nothing at all happens. When I look at the update process in Windows Defender I find that the update BD refers to has been updated directly by Windows Defender  up to 12 hours ago!

What the is happening with this product? Why are you wasting my time and why do you put features in like this that just do not work? This is the worst security product I've come across in all my many decades working with tech. It's a putrid apology for a security product. You can't trust it. If superficial features like this don't work what faith can I have in the guts of the product to do a good job of protecting me from Malware etc?


  • Marius G.
    Marius G. QA Engineer BD Staff

    The Vulnerability scan will show results after interrogating the Windows update service.

    We recommend checking the Windows update section (and not the Windows Defender one) if you encounter similar situations. 

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