2019 is laughable


I don't know what is going on with Bitdefender Mobile app but ever since mine updated (unfortunately) from the black version to the horrible white version, it has not been able to complete a scan. When I say "complete a scan" I mean get passed 1%.

It was set to scan external storage and would scan for a few seconds showing 1%, then it would stop and not budge passed whatever file it got stuck on, so I switched off the scan external storage option and set it to scan just my phone. It would start scanning the Amazon app showing 1% and ..... a mminute or so later it would say there was a problem with the scan and to see the list below. What list??


In the end I uninstalled the app, cleaned the phoned with ccleaner to get rid of leftovers and whatever might be left over of Bitdefender, reinstalled the app from Google Play Store and .... the same problem occurred.


What gives, Bitdefender? Your black app would scan my whole phone (including memory card) in less that 90 seconds or so. This awful l;aughable white app doesn't even get passed the first app when all it has to scan is my phone??

I am using 3.3.042 version of the app on a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 running Android 7.1.1. Not exactly outdated just yet.

Is anyone else having this problem?


I am also totally unhappy that I am being forced to use a white scheme. I know. I know. Not the most awful of things to have to endure in life, but I hate white screens.I hate white backgrounds, and I hate white colour schemes. Why not at least give us the choice of black or white?? (Or even any other color. Surely, it can't be that difficult for you?)



  • Marius G.
    Marius G. QA Engineer BD Staff

    The issue has been found and our development team is currently working on a fix. Unfortunately, no ETA is available for the update.