MS Office - Operating System is not configured.....

A few months ago updated to Total Security 2019 and MS Office began to show "operating system is not configured to run this application" when trying to open Excel, Word, etc.  Outlook worked fine, however.  After several days of experimenting (repairing/uninstalling/reinstalling Office, reinstalling Bitdefender, etc.) and awaiting solution from Support, finally had to delete Bitdefender in order to get my work done. 

Foolishly I decided to give it another try.  Reinstalled Total Security 2019 last night and immediately get the "operating system not configured" error when opening any office app (Outlook still works).

I have a second computer running TS2019 and MS Office with no problem, but i cannot use for my work.

I will again have to uninstall Bitdefender in order to access Office, and not renew when subscription runs out.



  • tzeyen
    edited April 2019

    I had this problem with Microsoft Excel, every time I tried to open an Excel file or launch the Excel application I got the error "operating system is not configured to run this application".  I finally managed to figure out that it was Bitdefender's "Advanced Threat Defense" that was causing the problem. I SOLVED the problem by adding the Excel executable file (i.e., EXCEL.EXE) to the Bitdefender's "Protection<Advanced Threat Defense<Settings" as an "Excepted Application".  Now Excel launches with no problems.  Hope this helps!

  • tzeyen

    Thank you for your reply.  This solved the problem!  I had tried to find a way to have the application allow Excel, Word, etc., but had not been successful.

    Thanks again!