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Settings to inform user of intervention by BDTS

edited January 2022 in Enterprise Security

Please have a setting to inform the user about ANY intervention by Bitdefender.  Be it privacy action (like blocking the password transmission over unencrypted link), firewall, application access, blocking a web site ....anything!!

A lot of annoying incompatibility between BD and Netflix, Qnap, DishAnywhere etc would be less of a mystery if you notified the user of what you are doing, and allow the user to "allow" the action.


  • ++++

    yes, that would be lovely!!!!

    I am so frustrated not to see or understand what is going on.....

    When facing a new problem when working on my computer or colleague's, even if not related with network activity, my first though is "what this god dame bitdefender thing is doing behind my back!?!?!" and one on twice, it is bitdefender related, but with hours of investigation.

    Please, save us time

  • QDFrench

    My bad, there is an option in gravity zone to enable or disable notifications.

    I begin to handle the administrative interface. I think I have a lot to learn.