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Difference between mobile and PC antivirus

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security


I did some research and concluded that most mobile users do not need an anti-virus for their phones. However, I use highly customized stuff and I like to experiment. I always install custom ROMs and other software, and maybe I need to use an anti-virus for my phone, not to keep my phone from crashing or something of the sort, but to protect myself and my accounts from identity theft and to protect my passwords.


I noticed while looking through the Bitdefender site that there are some differences between the features of Bitdefender for PC and that for mobile devices. So my questions are these: Why aren't all the features of Bitdefender PC software included in the mobile app? Will Bitdefender protect my passwords and my accounts, even if accidentally install an malicious software? Are these any key weaknesses in Bitdefender for mobile I should be aware of? Is there anything else I should know?




  • Stefan I.

    Hi Shad,

    Some functions for the PC version were considered not necessary on the android market ( such as startup optimizer, disk cleanup, etc) , while others cannot currently be implemented natively ( such as Safepay ). For a full list of included modules and their usage on Android you can check out our user guide.

    Installing an infected app will result in a detection recommending to remove said app before ever opening it but there is no direct way to prevent personal info theft if you choose to proceed past this point on this platform.

  • Shad


  • mobile and pc antivirus both are different in different way they works almost simple but in pc antivirus scan all the file even root files also memory scan, boot scan, file scan , folder scan , even you can track your laptop location through your antivirus

    But in mobile antivirus scan only guest file its does not scan root file , folder, memory its only scan user file folder thats sit in pc antivirus also scan admin files and folder but in mobile it cnt scan file or folder of admin 

    I hope you like my reply

    Ram sharma