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Topic Bumping?


I joined comments about the Rescue CD no long working.  One response I received pointed me to a link which pointed me to another link referring to a 'Rescue Environment'.  When I followed the link to the rescue environment it took me to an entirely different place, not related.  I replied with that update and today I receivecd the following:

Hi AZMoosie,

You have been warned by Stefan I.




·         Given 3 points which will never expire.




Topic bumping is prohibited.

I don't even know what "Topic Bumping" means, nor did I do anything intentional.  I don't know who this Seefan I. is, but he must have some kind of problem.  When a technical support representative provides a customer with answers or suggestions, those should be accurate.  Instead in my case, I was sent on a wild goose chase.  When I reported the mis-information I received about the Rescue Environment I didn't realize that my original question about the rescue CD was going to cause Stefan I. such a problem.  Perhaps correcting the bad advice would be time better served than issuing a warning to a customer.

So I now have 3 demerits that will never expire?  I also have a long memory and will keep my eye an Stefan I.  - hopefully keeping an eye on someone won't result in any more demerits.