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New Users Few Questions

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First, I wasn't happy with my previouse choice of security software.  Earlier this week I purchased avg's internet security and had problems with getting the software to activate (wouldn't show the necessary 'my avg' link/button so I couldn't input account info despite re-install and reboots).  So I purchased a copy of bitdefender's internet security.  I was pleasantly supprised that there was a cd in the box; no so happy that I couldn't configure the suite prior to getting on line though.  To my questions...


How do I turn off/disable auto piolet?  I find it annoying.


Where are the settings for file shredder?  I would like to set the number of passes and what get written.


Why are scan options greyed out?  Quick and Full System scans can not be modifyed (the button is greyed out).  For full system scan I would like to change the 'archive' settings.  When I created my own scan I noticed that scanning for rootkits was off by default; is that the default for the pre-configured scans as well?


How do I turn off automatic updates permanently?  There is a setting to disable them for 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and until reboot.  I can manually handle updates.  I don't need the software using my bandwidth unexpectantly (I connect via my phone and do not have unlimited data).


Finally, for now, I noticed that the fire wall entry 'stealth mode' s options just presents a blank window with an 'ok' button.  Is this normal?  No settings for stealth mode?  No turning on/off?  Just a link to settings that opens an 'ok' dialog box?


  • Hello,

    The autopilot recommendations cannot be currently disabled but we've taken your feedback on this topic for future iterations.

    The file shredder is not configurable, it will perform three passes on the deleted file: once with zero data, once with 0xff and once with a random value. After the random value overwrite is complete, the disk is read to verify the overwrites.

    The default scans proprieties cannot be currently modified,they're intended to serve as a base template for custom scans and to allow easier troubleshooting/investigation on infection related matters. Scan for rootkits is only disabled by default in custom scans.

    Automatic updates cannot be toggled off permanently due to the importance of having the latest signatures in today's live environment but again, thank you for your input on this matter, its greatly appreciated.

    As for the stealth mode behavior, at the time of observing this, was the device online? Its supposed to list the setting for each individual adapter currently in use. A screenshot would be appreciated.