Trying Bitdefender.... New user here

First, let me say having been long-time user of Malwarebytes whose company-maintained community forum looks almost identical to this one - one of you should change the look and feel.

The first thing I thought when I found your community forum is OMG, I hope this company isn't related to Malwarebytes - because while their product might be not too bad, the way the company operates feels more criminal than legit business to me....... Also get turned off by Bitdefender's "firesale" promotional BUY THIS NOW HUGE DISCOUNT on everypage - each one with a different offer and different pricing for the same thing. Using "Unlimited devices" when you really mean "up to ##" devices. I know the USA is a "free-market/ pro-big-business/screw the consumer" haven, wonder if the EU would allow the US website with these untrue claims?

Anyway - with just few hours in on trial of Total Security to replace MB:

1) I use 4 monitors arranged in  2x2 square. The placement of Bitdefender popups is inconsistent, and just wrong in terms of where I would look for them. (I use a vertical menu bar/ & I expect system messages to be near the systemtray/clock - but not so with Bitdefender -  get a lot of messages where the system tray would be if I used Microsoft defaults for the taskbar or whatever they call it.

2) The firewall alert messages are really bad. Huge print and abbreviated location of the .exe it's blocking so it's really impossible to identify what it's blocking. Clicking on the link to get more info isn't much help, the link to take me to the app OPENS THE FOLDER the file is in, but DOES NOT IDENTIFY, or HIGHLIGHT it!  I would expect behavior more like Explorer's right-click 'Show File Location' which opens Explorer with the actual file in question selected/highlighted!

3) The installer is the worst I've seen. I used a front-end to the Windows Firewall (Windows 10 Firewall Control by Sphinx Software) that by default blocks all new software from accessing Internet unless whitelisted. Bitdefender's installer isn't an installer, it's a stub that goes to the Internet to load more installation files - and to actually finish a Bitdefender installation, there are more than  FIVE different temporarily-stored & hidden executables that require Internet access.  Even Bitdefender's own firewall, set to block new stuff from the net, will block some of Bitdefender's own modules!

4) Is there a Firewall log? I want to see what's been blocked. Ideally, would like ability to also see/log what's been allowed!

Well, that's my first impression and post/ sure I will find some good answers, and see if I can live with the shortcomings I find.........