How long should BD Internet Secuity 2019 take to load with SSD drive?

Hi, i always found bd a little slow to load at startup anyway but i recently put an ssd drive in my laptop and thought bd may also startup a bit faster but actually seems about the same, how long should it take about?

Mine takes around a full minute to start and say you are safe when i hover over it.

My laptop is:

Intel i5 2.4GHZ

12GB Ram

1TB SSD Crucial mx500 Drive





  • Hi James,

    Can you please let us know if the Bitdefender icon is red or greyed out until you see the message that you are safe? When you say about this message, do you refer to Bitdefender Widget or the message near the Bitdefender icon?

  • Hi, no I am not running the widget, the message is when I just hover over the icon in the task bar, it's not greyed out at all, it comes on red and says loading then after a few seconds the icon chances slightly, still red saying you are safe, but it's about 1 minute before that happens

  • Hi,

    Even if on the Bitdefender icon you can see that Bitdefender services are loading, they are running by default. You may test it by running the following command in CMD:

    sc query vsserv

    sc query igal