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Bitdefender Central - My Devices - Nickname Field


I would like the BD developers to consider enhancing the Bitdefender Central / My Devices webpage with an optional nickname field associated with each device information. That would allow us to enter a meaningful name that we easily associate with each device. The reason for my request is twofold: 1. Some of us have multiple devices that have the same model numbers, e.g. cell phones, and there is no current way to distinguish which cell phone we are looking at in the device list unless we know the device MAC Address. 2. Some of the device names that currently show up in the device list are not indicative of what the device really is.

Bitdefender is doing a GREAT job at protecting us from harmful software intrusions.

I thank you for your efforts and for considering my request.


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  • Stu

    This is something that really needs doing, we have 3 x Lenovo TB-X304F on the account and they all show up with the same name. I have no idea which is which, without checking the Mac Address or running a Scan and then checking the history.

  • Abp_2020


    You can change the name of each device.

    Go to Bitdefender Central,

    Select View all Devices

    Choose the device you want to change from your list of devices.

    Go to the right of the screen and Click the 3 dots just under the Bell Icon.

    Click the Settings option.

    Change your device name and press save, it may take a few seconds.