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MAC ID Based subscription restriction on Bitdefender Central Website

subham ✭✭✭
edited February 2022 in Product features and Ideation


I would like the BD developers to consider enhancing the Bitdefender Central / My Devices webpage with an option to blacklist device depending on its MAC ID.

I observed Bit Defender Central collect device MAC ID. Sometimes in a company/office we have to share 10 users Central login credential with staffs to secure there laptop.When that staff left company after few months removing the subscription or uninstalling the Bitdefender product from his device was impossible.Removing that particular device from Bitdefender Central / My Devices webpage works/removes temporarily.As that same device get again registered automatically to Bitdefender Central / My Devices while device get connected to internet or by the user typing the old log in credentials.As changing the password will alter or need attention and disrupt security of all other 9 users so in this case we can not afford changing password in middle of running subscription.

But if Network device MAC ID based Black list and whitelist options are available we could easily treat such scenario without changing password and utilising all subscription for actual owner.

There should be an option on Central website along with remove device, "Remove this device and blacklist this device MAC address in future from getting subscription".


  • chrisp08

    good idea! and there is still the problem that Bitdefender Central sometimes shows/uses the Mac address of the wrong device to bind a licence to it.

    Example: Using the Mac address of a Bluetooth dongles instead of the primary network card. I use the same bluetooth model (device: CSR Bluetooth Radio) for my headphones on two computers, but Bitdefender Central shows only one computer. I already reported this some month ago.