Allow update with cold boot as well as with restart


When an update is installed that requires restarting one's computer, it doesn't work to shut down one's computer and turn it on again (i.e., do a cold boot).  A notification persists that the computer must be "restarted" from within Bitdefender's notification.  This is not only odd but unlike any other software I've ever seen - and, I believe, unlike the protocol for Bitdefender itself as of a couple of years ago.  Any cold or warm boot should be enough to install the update.


  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    I also observed this scenario like Bleb Nevus.Justified demand from Bitdefender about it's notification.It's a notification intelligence level flaw.This should e fixed.

  • Robwaybro

    We are seeing this behavior as well.