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Bitdefender Total Security with Pulse Secure 9.0.3 Not Working



I'm using Pulse Secure 9.0.3 desktop client to VPN connect to a client's local network locally and remotely from home.

Both fail because the hostchecker reports an issue with protection policy compliance and that my endpoint is not secure. It says that I should have a firewall and antivirus and that they be updated. But they are always up to date via automatic scheduling and Windows OS is updated too.

I tried all avenues, BD support, Pulse Secure forum, local client helpdesk, nothing. I got confirmed that my BD TS is included in the Junos Pulse Secure supported systems but I suspect that not all versions through ongoing updates are tracked in this list.

Does anyone have an idea or suggested procedure to follow. I'm completely stuck and can't work.


BD Total Security v2.17.1709-5e637d6

Windows 10 Pro

Thank you.