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When you renew your subscription, do you need to uninstall and then re-install Bitdefender?


I have been using Bitdefender 2019 Total Security for over half a year for my desktop PC.  When I renew my subscription to let's say, Bitdefender Total Security 2020, would I have to uninstall Bitdefender and then download it again to ensure that I get the 2020 version of the application?  Or can I simply use the existing interface (that came with 2019) and continue to install the upgrades using the dashboard? Would that also end up installing the 2020 version?  

Or is the 2020 version the same application under the hood, just with a renewal period close to 2020 and the latest features? 

Please advise.


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    edited October 2020

    As long as you have a valid subscription you are eligible to use the latest version of our software. Also, the antivirus updates automatically to the latest version, thus, no further action is necessary.

    In order to check the version of the antivirus, please follow the steps below:

    - Right-click the red B icon on the lower right side of the screen, next to the system date and time

    - Click on About, here you should see the installed version.