Can't login using Safepay

Long time no post....which is nice. However, I can't log into my online banking using Safepay anymore.

The bank must of upgraded their security setting or something.

I submitted a ticket regarding the issue but no reply yet.

What's going on Bitdefender? Can you please fix ASAP. Not much point in having "Safepay" if it doesn't work.




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  • Hello /index.php?/profile/213496-steves/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="213496" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/213496-steves/" rel="">@SteveS,

    Kindly provide me with the support ticket number that you have received as an automatic reply to your mail. Otherwise, should you not be able to locate a support ticket number, please email us at [email protected] and reply to this thread with your ticket number.

    Also, let me know which banking website is not working with Safepay.

  • Hi Alex D.

    I tried to submit a ticket but unfortunately it isn't working either.

    So I can't login to my banking website using Safepay which is

    This is the message I get "Webpage error. The webpage has quit unexpectedly. The problem may have been caused by an exception, or another exceptional condition such as blocking scripts or requests generated by the webpage.

    Please Reload page or go Back to the previous page."

    If I try reloading the page the message continues to pop up. It has been like this for several months now.

    Also, I tried 3 times to submit a ticket but it's not working either. It gets to 99% then gets stuck on the last 1%. (see attachment)

    I tried 3 times & I get the same result. I don't think my internet connection is the issue as I'm able to use it as soon as I close the Bitdefender Window.

    I guess I'll have to email you the log that Bitdefender has created to get the usual Bitdefender or something.

    Problem is, my work doesn't affect yours, but yours affects mine. Please fix ASAP.

    Thank you.


    Can't submit ticket - Safepay bank login issue.jpg

  • Hello,

    The problem has been fixed in obk.exe version, please try to update your product.

  • Hi Cosmin P - QA Analyst. Thanks for that but not sure what "problem" your referring to. The safepay issue or the ticket submission not working. Also I'm not sure what obk.exe is and in regards to "trying to update" my product? I update Bitdefender all the time, just did it a couple of minutes ago....all good according to Bitdefender. Bitdefender is set to auto update every hour. You got some other way of updating it Cosmin P?

  • I just tried to download "obk.exe" whatever the that is?. Answer me this Bitdefender. Why do I have to download "Safepay" from some random website? How do I even know it's the right "Safepay"? I did a search and can't find it anywhere on Bitdefenders Support/Central site anywhere. Found lots of other "tools" etc but no Safepay. Why can't I find Safepay on your website? Oh, didn't know it was free. Thought I'd paid for it with my Bitdefender subscription. Nice to know.

  • Cosmin P.Cosmin P.
    edited January 2020


    Sorry for the confusion. The "problem" that I was reffering to is you not being able to log in using safepay. That issue has been fixed. You DO NOT have to download bitdefender files from any website, you just need to update your product from the systray, right-clicking on the bitdefender icon and then clicking on the "Update Now" button.

    Safepay is part of our paid internet security (or total security) suite, yes, it is paid for. Never did I say that you should download that file from a website, nor that safepay is free. I just told you to update the product in order for your issue to be solved. Once you update it, some files will change their version, including the specified file - this happens automatically. Again, all you have to do is update Bitdefender from the systray. Should you not receive any updates right now, rest assured you will get it as soon as possible.

  • Hi Cosmin, safepay is working again.

    However, it wasn't a matter of "just clicking on the "Update Now" button". I was hoping "just clicking on the "Update Now" button would fix it but it didn't.

    I had to go on support chat in Bitdefender central & even then, still had to email off my log for you to see what was going on. It had been like that for a while, but I couldn't submit a ticket & ended having to use the chat support to get anything done.

    I have to say, Bitdefender's help resources leave a lot to be desired. I was going to suggest, if you need an actual human's voice on your help videos I'm up for it.

    Couldn't be any worse than the one your currently using, she's a

    Anyway, I digress, all working again now so thank you again whoever was responsible.

    Here's to not being on this forum again for a while.


  • Hello Steve,

    Glad to hear the situation is now solved!

    Thread locked.

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