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It would be nice if there was an offline installer available instead of having to log into the portal every time.

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  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    Someone should also reply to this offline installer issue. After installation completion, log in to Central account is mandatory is well understood by everyone.We don't need any change in Central.

    But why every time installation to every new PC/Laptop/NUC we have to wait for the downloading of setup by online installer.You should have a Offline set up EXE file. If not want to compile it officially like Kaspersky then reply which Windows Folder to reuse or copy to a removable drive after an successful online install of a Bit Defender product.Let it carry & repeat the process to another Windows device.

    Kaspersky Forum at least made it public; how a system admin can compile his own latest offline set up folder for a current month jobs.

    Thanking You.

  • Flexx
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  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    The offline installer mentioned by Flexx says Bitdefender Agent is missing, so I've to download(13.5MB) it by connecting internet. Any way to integrate the agent and Offline setup together? (while working on a freshly formatted PC/Laptop)

    See below snapshot which I get while working with only 64bit offline setup on Windows 10 x64.

  • Scott
    Scott mod
    edited February 17

    Hi @subham

    IMHO, I would forgo trying to use the offline installer. Uninstall what may be in your Apps. Clean up the temp folders from Run command, the temp and %temp% files, and in this case, you could probably do it in normal Windows mode.

    If needed, run the uninstall tool, then install it from Central. It just works more seamlessly that way, the way they now have it intended to install and link more easily with our Central accounts.

    Kind regards,


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  • Thanks! But why is it so hard to find these offline installers?

    My mom brought her computer to me because it's "acting weird", she has a virus on it. And there is no chance in hell I'll let that thing connect to my home network. So thankfully I have an offline installer now but it took a while of searching which is just stupid.

  • Scott
    Scott mod
    edited February 18

    Hi Roy J, it's hard to find that one (only Total Security) installer because Bitdefender has gotten away from the offline installers and wants everything to be installed through Central. It works better, and more seamlessly, and also the help articles and PDFs are written and geared for the Central install.

    If Bitdefender made that option more visible, it might be used by more people who than may have more problems connecting, associating to their Central accounts, having the proper license seat issues etc. Also, I do not believe that installer is kept up to date as frequently, and thus there could be install errors or issues, as maybe the above with subham?


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  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    Hey Scott there is no error in offline setup. I think to install Bitdefender Total security offline user need to

    1. download two EXE files altogether i) Bitdefender Agent.EXE. (Available for download to any Central Account,prefer recent one.So no link provided) ii) Any one below setup according your OS Bit rate.

    The offline installer is only available for bitdefender total security and can be downloaded from below stated links

    32 bit:

    64 bit:

    2. Save the two EXE files on our laptop/desktop HDD or thumb drive.

    3.Make sure no previous antivirus is installed on OS.If Installed uninstall it & reboot the PC.

    4.Close all applications and browsers running on Windows 8.1/10/11 platform.

    5.i) First disconnect your PC from the Internet prior initiation of offline installation.

     iii) Install the Bitdefender agent first.When tried to download setup files just cancel download & close any Open Window of Agent.

    iv) Thereafter click on the large Bitdefender Total Security installation file. (downloaded from above link)

    v) Accept EULA & proceed with installation.

    6.i) If prompted, select the "install from CD/DVD" option.

    ii) Wait patiently until installation progress reach 100%.

    7.i) Reconnect internet or wifi when installation finishes before proceeding to the next step. (For majority users)

    ii) If infected (Like Roy J) and cannot connect to internet, then run initial assessment scan after finishing of Bitdefender installation from above two files.If major infection found Bitdefender will clean it or ask you to reboot PC to process clean up of infected fles.

    iii)If assessment scan cannot fix your PC, then boot Bitdefender rescue disk-a tiny Linux kernel preloaded with Bitdefender module from a thumb drive which can scan your PC & remove any unwanted files. (Just an advanced user options for extreme situation,majority of user won't need this step I hope)

    8. When prompted for a Bit defender account Sign in/Sign Up, process accordingly.(Without Internet or login to central account of Full working version of Bitdefender uses is impossible now a days.No more past days like Bitdefender 2012 which could be installed as trial for 30 days without any internet existence)

    Optional step: If your Central account has BD Internet security license then after login to central account(Step no 8) it will configure the product within a minute accordingly.No need of any other offline setup files other than Total security.

    If offline setup already comes(tested) with a bitdefender Agent included along with Total security packages included in a SFX module of EXE that will be more user friendly to install.(For moderator,Product developer,EXE tester & admin)

    I can make such SFX modules EXE with two consecutive EXE files installation codes,but here I only want to promote the official setup files & probable methods to use it. So such an elaborated process of installation.

    While developing offline installer for Bitdefender, the developer tested the offline setup files on a pre installed Bitdefender Agent containing Windows OS,not on any freshly formatted/Fresh Windows OS.That is why I got that error message earlier mentioned post.

    Hope this help who are looking for Offline installation of BD products on Windows.

  • Thanks for posting the steps. But if Bitdefender is going to allow an offline installer for Total Security, IMO, it should go a lot easier and smoother than that, no?

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  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    Yes,provide an option of Windows offline installer on official webpage.Installer file should be in single EXE files.Many person face issue like Roy J of no internet connectivity or limited data bandwidth at installation site.Through slower mobile phone hotspot many can log in to Central account but cannot afford to download 540-586MB of files on that slow internet speed.

  • Very well stated, and very well put. I agree, if they're going to offer an offline .exe installer, let it be from a Bitdefender webpage download, and not just a link itself.

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