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Bitdefender VPN always say GET UNLIMITED TRAFFIC even though I have premium subscription

edited February 2022 in VPN

I've had this issue before but it fixed itself. It's not fixing itself anymore though.

I have a premium subscription to Bitdefender VPN. I open the VPN and click CONNECT and it won't connect, it puts up the GET UNLIMITED TRAFFIC message, as if I don't have a subscription. In the VPN widget, I clicked the menu and "My Account" and it says NA for my account. I tried Switch Account but nothing happens. There's a "Log in to BD Central and activate... etc" link; I tried that and logged in and it says I have Premium, but the VPN still won't log in.

Not sure what else to do? I rebooted a few times, too. I've also tried launching it from the Total Security dashboard (instead of the Windows icon tray thing)

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  • ZenPenguin

    That worked, thanks!

  • I have the same problem with the VPN in my cel but, I don't have premium, what should I do?

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Shadow1957,

    If you are getting this message and do not use the Premium VPN version, then likely you have exceeded the available daily traffic limit. There is also a counter in the app that should reflect this.

    Do you also have the standalone app? Are you using a PC/desktop or a mobile device? Have you been using the standard VPN for streaming purposes, as this may consume the available MB quickly? If the daily traffic limit has not been exceeded, then there are several possible causes and more information is required.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • I have a problem showing in my iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is VPN traffic exceeded message

  • I like to know if you can help me.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @YT HK (Lenovo),

    Does this message appear even if the daily traffic limit hasn't been exceeded? If this message persists, can you attach a screenshot to your reply?

    Thanks and best regards

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user