Can't agree to Subscription Agreement

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Hi there

I am trying to install Bitdefender on my new Iphone. I successfully got the email for the download but when I get to the point of accepting the Subscription Agreement, it takes me to the agreement but there is no place at the top or bottom of the agreement to accept. When I say I am done with the agreement and hit the continue button nothing happens. I assume this is because I have not accepted the agreement. Any suggestions?

Thank You


  • Hey @Esther_1,

    We could take a look by checking a few logs on your computer to solve this matter. You can contact us at and we'll gladly pick up your request over there. Once you email us you will receive an automated reply after a while. If you can provide me the ticket number from that mail by replying to this thread, I'll be able to locate your case faster.

    Thank you!

  • Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. The problem has been solved. It was silly really. I did not realize that the brightness on my phone was quite dark. When I brightened it for something else, I was able to see the little box that I was supposed to tick and the software installed on my phone.

    Sorry to trouble you.