bdservice excessive ram usage

Hi, ive tried reinstalling, but even with no other applications running, bdservice in task manager is hoarding so much ram, its around 70-80% of my system when idling, its not running any tests or scans either.

and it just wont let the ram go, i was forced to uninstall it till i can resolve this as the pc is so slow while this is occuring.

i've got the newest version of the total security. windows 10.

any ideas how to resolve this issue?


  • Same here, taking too much of CPU and RAM also power.

    How do we disable this task? Try to use the END TASK not working!

  • Hi, the problem of high RAM usage also affects Bitdefender Free. Are you already thinking about the solution with some update release?

    Thank you.

    Nunzio ·

    Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security

  • Hi!

    If you have enough memory, do not be scared. Access to information is much faster if it's already loaded into the ram plus if you have a laptop is good for battery too.

    As for CPU usages maybe it's scanning some files.

    You can contact Bitdefender Support from here: (Chat directly with them)

    Have a great day!