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U.S. Treasury anticipates surge in fraudulent attempts regarding Economic Stimulus Payments

Andy_BD ✭✭✭
edited January 2022 in News & Blogs

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In times of crisis, we become most vulnerable, and brushing up on fraudsters’ M.O. can protect you from becoming another victim. Scammers can play their part quite nicely, and fool unsuspecting citizens that rely so much on government aid. You can make a difference by following some simple rules and informing your loved ones:

• The IRS will not call you about your stimulus package – if your receive a phone call, simply hang up and report the fraud attempt

• The IRS will not send you an email with a link or an attachment about your EIP – if you have already filed your 2018-2019 tax report (and you are eligible), the payment has most likely already been deposited in your bank account. If this is not the case, the platforms set up by the IRS provide instructions on how you can receive your payment

• The IRS will not ask you for any personal information over the phone or email

Stay Safe!