why wont support turn off auto-renewal

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I have been trying for 3 days to disable auto-renewal on my account. I feel very frustrated and as if I am being held hostage.

The website doesn't seem to work and support understands what I am asking, they just want to make me an offer and then stop the conversation when I ask them to disable the auto-renewal anyway.

What do I have to do to disable the auto-renewal?

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  • I had this same problem. Finally. after many attempts, it placed the order. However, I think it did set up auto-renewal. I emailed BitDefender and asked them to make sure it was set to manual renewal. I have gotten no response. Tried to call them and waited over an hour on hold. I guess I will have to wait until they open back up from this Covid-19. Also, I got VPN premium on my phone but not my computer.

    Does anyone know how I can get it onto my computer too?


  • I had the pleasure of a reminder e-Mail in April that my VPN would auto renew in 8 days. In the e-Mail was a link to the store, where I purchased a 1 year VPN subscription, 8 days before auto renew. So far so good. Even on my mobile device and Laptop, I could see the new version. All good. Then, I receive an e-Mail today saying that the auto renewal kicked in and I was charged again for a 1 year subscription. Worth noting here is that the store uses Digital River for processing purchases whereas the auto renewal stuff is done via 2CheckOut. Neither "speak" to one another, since they are two different platforms. Bottom line - if you don't switch off auto renewal yourself, it doesn't matter if you have manually renewed - it simply gets ignored. I'm trying to get the auto renewal reversed and my money back. After all, the auto renewal was more than my manual renewal - that's why I did it myself in the first place! to save money! And the kicker is, the e-Mail offered me the link to the better deal! Clearly the company likes auto renewal - guaranteed source of revenue.

  • I loaded 2020 on autorenewal (ok, one more year)...The answer they give to turn off autorenewal is not correct. I have no option using "Details" to turn off auto renewal.