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Notifications - MUST - stop asap.

edited February 2022 in Product features and Ideation

Hi there, I've been using Bitdefender for years now and I always praised how silent and discrete it was. Unlike other AVs, it did not bombarded me with useless notifications, just doing its job on the background. I have converted more than 10 people into BD using this argument because everyone hates pop-ups.

For some unknown reason, this has changed on the last two editions. All the time I got useless notifications ("Work profile is activacted" // "This website does not use a secure certification" // etc) but I don't care about this. The worst part is: when I'm writing, everytime a new notification shows up i can't go back to write until closing them.

This is extremely annoyning and completely useless. This doesn't make me feel more secure, just make me feel like i should uninstall my AV once for all.

Please it is very important that a "hide ALL notifications" (literally ALL notifications, 100% of them) button is incorporated on next versions, otherwise a great product runs the risk of losing it greatest feature.