I can't remove computer from bit central

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Straight to the point.

I gave one license to buddy of mine few years ago. I let him enjoy Bit defender for one year, and after one year I told him free ride is over. Few years later I notice in Bit defender a computer with familiar motherboard. I checked location of computer and it was from that buddy.

So I sad to my self, look we got a sneaky one, trying to get a free ride.

So I locked his computer with bit defender for 2 days. After I let him cry and beg for 2 days I gave him password to unlock his computer.

I immediately changed password on my bit defender account and central.

The weird part is I changed password for my bit defender central and I really don't have a clue how he is connecting again to bit defender central. He is at security risk, but I keep need to remove him and he is in my device central again next day.

So, how do I remove him for good, cause this is annoying.

Thx for help.

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    Hi Member

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. This is really weird that even after removing the device from central it is coming back again after 2-3 days. This is something that can only be solved by bitdefender support.

    I would request you to kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at bitsy@bitdefender.com

    Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.

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  • Thank you for your time and help.

    I send mail to bit defender, I am sure they will figure it out.

    Stay safe.