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BD keeps dropping allowed application from its own list


I keep adding "Amazon-Corretto-11" Java JDK to the "Application Access" area, but BitDefender keeps dropping it from that list every time I run the IDE.

Then, when my IDE crashes .... in your "Critical Notifications area" I get the unhelpful error message: "An app you previously chose to block attempted to access your protected files again.

App: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/amazon-corretto-11.jdk

We blocked the app to prevent it from altering the content of your protected files."

The problem from your program's BUG is that my Java IDE starts to crash on build with (Permission denied) errors.

As mentioned above, I have to manually re-add the JDK back to your "Application Access", click "Allowed", area every time I want to use my IDE.


After doing all these steps, I can run the IDE exactly one time. The next time I try to run it, your program has dropped the "ALLOW" "Amazon-Corretto-11" again from its list!!!!

I already told your program over and over to ALLOW "Amazon-Corretto-11" and the JDK that is using it, but your program keeps dropping "Amazon-Corretto-11" from the allowed "Applications Access" list

I have no idea how to fix this problem other than to remove your program from my computer.

This problem just started so I'm thinking perhaps you shipped some update that broke my BitDefender.


  • Danko

    Have similar problem with different application i'm using for more then 10 years. BD firewall occasionally (one or twice a day) block it from accessing internet, despite i added it to exception list. When it gets blocked, application looses internet access and i get notification in BD. I have to open BD, go to notifications, press Allow and then restart my application.

    Why is that happening, if i added exception for that application?

  • sjdunphy

    Yep, I've got the same problem. Anyone found solution?