Bitdefender Mobile on tablet

Hoss1310 ✭✭
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I bought myself a tablet and have just installed Bitdefender Mobile on it.

I have an Internet Security subscription for 10 devices, but I see that this app only works for 14 days, why is this?

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  • Hoss1310


    Thank you for the quick response.

    Too bad it works this way but now I wonder when I renew my subscription as a returning user but instead switch to Total Security if I will get a discount as a returning user or if this is seen as a completely new one (read: more expensive) subscription

  • Adriana_S
    Adriana_S Bitdefender Product Manager BD Staff

    Hi @Hoss1310 ,

    You can contact the support from the Windows app and select the Purchase & Orders category and drop a question. I'm pretty sure the commercial team will find a solution :)