am I hacked? my cursor moves about wildly

my cursor is difficult to control. It glitches off and on, moving wildly and difficult to capture and move. also turning into a circle with 4 points that spins some times. I've done a complete win 10 system recovery wiping all data. Immediately installed bitdefender and ran check, scan found nothing. I've done checks of mouse driver and troubleshooting which says mouse is functioning normally. I ran bitdefender twice and didn't show any problems. last week I did click on a scam link accidentally. and bitdefender log shows malware attack defended against last week on the day this happened and again yesterday, after recovery of system. This morning still problems with cursor acting as before, plus a black command screen appeared suddenly for C/system 32... with intel label. I shut down immediately. Can a trojan survive a system reinstall? How can I fix this.

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