False Positive on lan server console


I currently run an ESXi server version 6.7.0 Update 3. The console is accessed through a web console and you are required to type in the ip address of the server to access it. In my setup I have a server on my local network and I access it through a local ip address or mac address. Unfortunately I have discovered after installing Bitdefender that it does not allow the console. So I attempted to add an exclusion for the ip address, however I still get a Bitdefender warning page when attempting to access it and it will not load unless I completely disable Bitdefender.

Either I'm doing something wrong or this is a false positive I would guess.


  • nixbmu
    edited September 2020

    Same issue here.

    Unless I disable Bitdefender completely, I am unable to access the web console of a FortiGate 40C device with a self signed certificate (even though an exclusion with the IP is present).

    BD, please advise.

  • jrhebert
    edited March 2021

    Same for me. I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X with a self signed certificate. No issue with other antivirus applications, only with bitdefender free. Worse, I have to disable bitdefender, clear cache/cookies, then retry the router UI. When done, re-enable bitdefender free. Adding exclusions makes no difference in the behavior.

    The issue is not just the bitdefender warning as that is a click-through. Once the login page loads, and I login, the resulting dashboard will not function properly. Everything is perfect when bitdefender is disabled.

    BD, please advise and address this issue as it makes the product difficult at best, unusable at worst (depending on how often such accesses are needed).