Does the vendor from whom I purchased my activation key has access to my devices and can control it?

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I am asking about this because I see the vendors name mentioned in my Bitdefender Central dash board overview.

Thanks in advance for answering. 😀

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  • How does this answer help anyone other than the OP? Please could someone actually answer this major security question?

  • Adriana_S
    Adriana_S Bitdefender Product Manager BD Staff

    Hi @Awis and @Uze_DaFarce,

    The vendor information is available for any device you select in Bitdefender Central and it refers to information regarding the manufacturer of the device itself, unrelated to the subscription or activation key. The only one who can see the information available in Bitdefender Central and manage the devices is the owner of the account - so if you're logged in with your personal account, then no one else can control your devices.

    Hope this clarifies the question :)