Bitdefender high CPU usage after windows update and/or bitdefender update


I am an advanced user and a PC builder myself, so I monitor every data of my system on a daily basis.

Recently (5 days ago) I noticed Bitdefender disappeared from the list of my applications on windows 10.

I blame the latest windows update for this, but I am unsure.

Nevertheless, I have installed bitdefender again (not without issues) and I have a constant CPU usage of 15%, which elevates my CPU temps by a lot (seems like an intense process, we are talking about an excess of 15C).

After a fresh restart, bitdefender will use 0.6-2% of CPU power, just what it always has been.

Left for an hour it will stay at 15% forever, without any triggers.

I've tried disabling all shields, tweaking settings, but this value remains throughout the day.

Please help, otherwise I will be forced to switch to yet another antivirus software (previously affected by the avast scandal).

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  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Kindly follow the steps available in the below link :

    If this does not solves your issue, kindly collect bitdefender logs ( & drop an email to bitdefender support regarding your issue at [email protected]



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer, but I am reculctant to go through such a heavy windows tweak.

    Mainly because this might cause problems of its own and usually it will be difficult to reverse the process.

    I've had restore points fail before, so workarounds outside of bitdefender are not a solution for me.

    I have received an e-mail from support staff that they are aware of this issue and this will be fixed in the upcoming patches - but when, no clue.

    Let's see how long I will be able to wait before I just switch to another AVS.

    All the best to you Flex.

  • Hi,

    Just to add another voice if it helps you to get attention to this. I have the same issue and I am about to just uninstall the whole application. It is not of much help if the solution to one issue causes another and basically just heats up your CPU.

    And fixing your app by tweaking Windows. No solution and unacceptable.

    Having 15-30% !!!! CPU usage for a small service that should just monitor your system health is not acceptable in any way. So it is basically useless. Only usable with everything switched off and if you want to manually scan the system (??? really)

    I have been working myself with software development for 25 years in embedded systems. If we would do such crap, your car would stutter. I guess you would be shocked if your mechanic would ask you to fix the problem by just tweaking or increasing your engine power - right?

    So WAKE UP and do THE WORK.

    Best fix this or your product is worthless. Sorry for being so blunt to you, but I think in your industry (PC security) you need a wake up call and I hope it will penetrate to some of your managers so it gets some attention.

    Nearly every virus protection solution out there seems to have the same problem. At least the ones I tried. I mainly purchased BitDefender because your FREE version does not seem to have this issue and it worked just fine and I was happy about that so I wanted to give it a try.

    Sorry to find out that all the neat features you add just cause the system to wind up unnecessarily.

    Right now I feel better using Windows Defender. It at least does not slow down my system. No good grades for your product management mostly - I am sorry. Get your priorities right.

    Check whats different in the free and purchased version and solve the CPU usage for whatever you add in the purchased version.

    Take it serious!! This seems not some small BUG and will destroy your products use case.

    Best in your efforts.


  • I second this opinion.

  • Well an update has just been installed on my computer... but unlucky the problem still persists.

    Funny enough, except my desktop I have two laptops running the same system and the problem does not exist.

    Meaning it is not a global bug, therefore BitDefender will not put this on any priority and most likely will never fix it.

  • With latest update my PC starting consuming more disk usage. The moment I uninstalled Bitdefender everything came back to normal

  • edge7edge7
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    I have a similar problem with my bitdefender, the bdservicehost is taking actually 100% of my cpu usage and for the memory it keeps using huge amount of ram..Im talking like 4gb of ram used just for that bdservicehost (bitdefender auxiliary service), so I find myself obliged to reboot my computer since I couldn't find any solution for the moment, and I noticed its random sometimes im idle and it happens.

    It all started yesterday for me and im 100% I havent installed any app or whatsoever that could possibly be the conflict.

    I have an I7 4790k with 16 GB of ram and I never had an issue like this before, that's a first !

  • I am running 4790k which makes me think its an issue with generation of processors.

  • I doubt it has anything to do with the generation since I can run much powerful apps without any issue of high cpu usage, its definitely an issue with their update or windows, I'm not sure..

    update : I uninstalled bitdefender completely and reinstalled the product and for now it seems it was the only fix I could find, its back to 0.1% cpu usage ! (for now)

    PS: I have noticed the interface changed completely for me when I reinstalled the product, not quite sure what was the problem here.

  • I have not experiences this since the last two days - have they fixed it???

    Today I read this article:

    Perhaps this is the end of the annoying CPU usage? Mine hovers around 0.4%.

    Anyone reporting the same?

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