Slow LAN ethernet 1Giga whit bitdefender total security 2020 !!!

edited September 2020 in Firewall

I copy files whit 110 Mega Byte/sec MB from my synology Nas with 1Gbps network all other computers in my premsises tht do not have bitdefender installed experience the same speed

Since i Installed bitdfeneder Total security after removing 2019 and installing a fresh new version 2020 the network speed is 50% now !!!!! i tried disabling firewall and threat prevention still no luck and i cnnnot find any OFF for disabling bitdfeneder all togther anitvirus in new interface !!!

what is going on with bitdfender !!!!!

that was without bitdfeneder now im getting 55MB/sec with bitdefender installed !!!!!


  • NO Antivirus OFF bottom !!!! or advanced Threat defense

  • Now after i removed and installed bitdefender this is the speed and the system is slugish after the bitdefender updated itself

    after istalation i had fast speed 111MB but now even copy the system is slugish

  • I have the same problem. I have multiple devices with Bitdefender running on them and my speed has slowed to 20 to 60 MB/s. I have had two internet providers confirm that I have 1GB/s coming from the modem inside the house. Through process of elimination and plenty of time wasted, we think that Bitdefender is the culprit.