Wallet cannot edit or add new entries

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In recent days, I can no longer edit wallet entries, nor add new items. This is happening from both browser add-in and in the Bitdefender dashboard, so it is not a browser problem.

Yes, I am using the right wallet password. The wallet still correctly auto-fills login fields, and I can see exisiting entries.

Is this a new bug from an update?



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    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding your issue.



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  • I am no longer able to view the existing password within the wallet websites page - there used to be a 'reveal' button which is now missing.

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    I have exactly the same problem and it's critical to me to be able to see some the saved passwords because I used some the entries to store something else than passwords from websites. It's the 11/11/2020 version that has change that.

    Please let us at least SEE saved password or give us a tool to see them at least once, a link to be able to downgrade to previous version.

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    FYI: after saved wallet, uninstall and reinstall from



    imported the saved wallet, all is good now, wallet passwords can be see and modified.

  • I have now found two light grey, unmarked, buttons on the wallet web page details - the left one edits the details in a pop-up window, the right deletes.