Is the schedule in Parental Control the time a device can be used or the time it can't

I wish to limit the time that my child's device can be used - should I enter these times in the schedule or the times I don't want it used. The screen is completely silent on how to set these schedules up correctly


  • I have the same concern. And bitdefender says....?

  • Both. set the screentime daily limits and if desired, use the schedule function if you want to limit times of day that your child can;t use their computer. You can also pause their use of the devices from parental control. What I can't figure out is why sometimes it cuts off the screen time early.

  • I have the same question. I'd like to set hours where the phone of my son can not be used to play games, or maybe show a 'ask parent for permission' to open apps. The information in the bitdefender app is rather sparse.