Disappointed with recent changes to Bitdefender.

I've been using Bitdefender for many years now. Initially I was drawn to the software for several reasons. Obviously its high rating as an antivirus package was a major factor... but a surprisingly appealing feature was the Bitdefender Desktop Widget. It is so comforting to be able to see the program clearly indicating what it's doing; when there's a need to reboot; when it's updating or checking a newly connected device... and if there was a website access which had been blocked to protect me. It all seemed such a very very useful and instant visual feature.

Well, no more it would seem. I was puzzled as to where the widget had gone after the latest update. I looked everywhere for it and then decided that it seemed to have disappeared completely (with no reference to it at all within the program interface). I thought I must be missing something and so did some searching on Google and soon discovered that Bitdefender no longer had a widget. I was quite frankly amazed. Amazed and bitterly disappointed.

Then, I could hardly believe it, but the File Vault had been dropped too!

I am honestly shocked and actually rather annoyed. I have paid for the software (multiple licences), which had several features that I very much liked — and it feels like the application has been 'stripped down', and I am afraid that my feelings have now changed about the Bitdefender program. I have read comments from Bitdefender where they suggest the update is 'making improvements' and 'streamlining' etc. However, I feel I should still be able to access features that persuaded me to invest in the software. Neither the widget or the vault were 'small or insignificant' for the user. Surely it would not have been that difficult to give your customers the option to retain the Widget and File Vault?

Importantly I also didn't get any warning of these two major (in my opinion) feature removals. With regard to the File Vault feature my searching has revealed apparently there is a method which theoretically will allow me to access my files... but it looks rather convoluted from what I can see — and the vault will then no longer be available anyway. The way that the vault feature has been dropped is quite brutal, and I imagine that there would be a lot of users who were suddenly thrown into a 'panic' as their precious and private valued files, which they wanted to protect and hide from sight on the computer, were seemingly now not accessible. Quite staggering that it has been removed without advance warning (well, I have not been aware of any warning about the Vault removal). The very least that could have been done would be to have received an email, or some notification on the software interface etc. Nothing.

The widget is actually, for me, a more serious program deletion. It was a key feature that I felt gave Bitdefender a unique quality and was useful and confidence-building. Barely 48hrs without the widget and I already hate the fact that I don't feel so 'aware' of what is going on with my anitivirus situation. You may tell me that the widget is not important and that the software is doing all that is required without the widget, but that is not how I see it from a user aspect. If there is no intention to re-introduce the widget I am not sure what I am going to do. The software's value to me has been reduced unfortunately. I can't imagine that I am the only user who sees the widget removal as a major backwards-step?

Anyway, I have not felt compelled to post to the forum before (except many years ago to compliment Bitdefender) but on this occasion I am so very disappointed that I had to at least let you know my feelings about the matter. Apart from the loss of two important features, the brusque manner in which it has been done is not what I expect from Bitdefender.

I would, however, like to thank you for your many years of keeping me safe on the computers I own — but I have not appreciated your recent decisions.

A dissatisfied Bitdefender user (very sorry to have to say that).


  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Hello, quickly sign this petition to also show that you want the security widget quickly


    Write to support very often to let them know you want them to come back.

    Done lectures, screenings, spread the message, we can still have it in the 2021 version, it only matters to all of us asked them questions demanded answers

  • The situation seems to be accelerating the support receives a large number of requests to return the widget we must continue

    Contact them as often as possible

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