File Vault elimination with non-working extract utility is horrible customer service

I had a huge problem today, after an update that failed to warn me that File Vaults were being eliminated!. Why not have Bitdefender fix the bugs in their bdfvcl utility instead of having the paying customers go through hoops.

P.S. It would have been really nice/smart to have sent a notification, just like when an update needs a restart. Better yet, why not check to see if there are any file vaults active and not do the update that eliminates vaults until the user does the heavy lifting? 😣 🤬


  • bitdefender will be retired

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    This is to inform you that file vault has been removed from 2021 line of bitdefender consumer product since according to bitdefender support everything is moving to cloud.

    The best way for you to extract your vault files is to uninstall the current version of bitdefender 2021 and download the bitdefender 2020 line of product. But since the installer available on the bitdefender website and on the bitdefender central will download the latest 2021 version of the product, the only way to download the version 2020 is by using the standalone installer and that too of total security since there is no standalone installer available for antivirus plus or internet security.

    BTS 2020 (32 bit) -

    BTS 2020 (64 bit) -

    After you successfully download the required total security 2020 version from above link, a central windows will open where you will have to enter your login details. After activating the product, disconnect your internet to stop the force upgrade to total security 2021 version.

    You can use the file vault in total security 2020 to extract your file details and save it to some other place. When you are done you can just reconnect to internet and sooner or later your bitdefender product will get updated to 2021 version through automatic updates.

    I know this is a lengthy process but this is the only way to help you extract your vault files.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Hi,

    I had the same problem - I was and I am also very pissed!!!

    Pls. check the chat mentioned below. FLEX - a kind of super user - offered a solution which worked for me!!! So - it should work for you too. What makes me so pissed it the fact, that a

    "File Vault Gone - Cannot Access My Encrypted Files"

  • Dear community.

    This is a setback from Bitdefender. Yes, we are use to the improvement of the application, new services, new features. Adding services is not a problem, but removing features could be a huge problem when you don't care about the impact on your costumers, when your costumers realize that they have a problem after the update.

    They (Bitdefender) didn't manage this procedure correctly with their clients and costumers. Why there were not an email reporting yo each and every costumer what you did and how to recover the files inside the vault? You were too busy that you didn't have enough time to help your clients?

    Will be necessary to find a new protection for 2021 with a better costumer service.

  • I too was perturbed to find out today that I could not access my file vault. After some frustration, I followed the direction provided by Bitdefender and was able to recover my files. I did not have to download an older version or go through any of that stated above. Instuctions are at How to retrieve the content of Bitdefender File Vaults

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