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BitDefender endpoint security and Cisco VPN Portal/PeopleSoft

edited January 2022 in Enterprise Security

Has anyone worked with BitDefender endpoint security and Cisco VPN Portals and/or PeopleSoft logins?

I have a client that cannot reach a PeopleSoft page on the other side of a Cisco VPN portal. After logging into the VPN portal page, everything looks normal. When they click the PeopleSoft link, it tries to pass the "3Dlogin" command through the redirection URL. The site hangs for a minute and then they get a "cannot reach..." error message from IE.

The vendor that hosts the portal requires IE, which is not great but there must be some way to get this to work since this works if I uninstall BitDefender. They are either using an older version of the Cisco portal or the web applications running on the portal don't support more modern browsers.

This worked with AV Defender (the rebranded SolarWinds version of BitDefender), so it's not like this can't work, I just can't find what I need to exclude to make BitDefender work with this.