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Installation - Download stays at 0%?



when I try to install Bitdefender Free version on Windows 10, the setup halts at 0% download progress.

My internet connection is stable. So this should not cause the problem.

I've already got hinted to use the bitdefener free removal tool with admin rights and afterwards try again to install (did that also with admin rights). However, the problem still persists.

What else can I try?

Maybe a factor contributing to my problem could be the following: My laptop has two drives built-in. An HDD and an SDD. On both is windows 10 installed and I keep the HDD to be able to boot windows 10 in case my SDD doesn't. I think I've had Bitdefender Free Version on that HDD windows 10 installed. Maybe this interferes with the Bitdefender installation.

Thanks a lot for helping! Looking forward to use Bitdefender Free version again!