i did not recieve my activation code

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Hello Bitdefender Team,

I have checked my spam folder, double checked my email address, and paid for my subcription 4 days ago with paypal. They payment went through.

But i never recieved my code.

please advise

Thank you. Clara


  • i have paid for my description too and haven't got a code

  • same here. i purchased subscription 1 month ago and nothing! very disappointed

  • anyone else that has this issue has to go to central, my subscriptions and click on current one to change allocation to new one

  • Your site site stated activation code would be send in the 24 hours after purchase. i usually

    don't give a product this much latitude, it been several days. I will soon call the bank and contest

    the payment and eradicate bitware products from my desktop. There seems to be no way to directly talk or

    email the company for an answer.

  • Same issue here - I paid for the product and no activation code provided. I'm with you as well - where i'll have to call to get my money back due to the lack of providing the activation code. it says it can take from 30 minutes to 24 hours.... but it allowed me to install an antivirus and made me remove the one i had so .... are we vulnerable during this time?!?!?

  • Can someone tell me how to get an activation code for my Android phone. I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find the code they were supposed to send me with my order receipt but to no avail. Someone please help me get a code cause I'm afraid with all these potential spam calls I might end up with a virus. Thanks in advance

  • Hi @John7667

    First see if anything in this article helps.

    If not, contact support and see what they have to say. Click on the Activate and Install box and go through the prompts until you get to the black box at the bottom, Contact Support. Chat can be the quickest way to get things going. You could also email support at [email protected]

    Kind regards,


    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/user-guides/

  • Thank you Scott for the reply. I will keep looking for that activation code till I find it. Have a great day👍🙂