Attempted stealing or snooping from someone on our local network??

Is anyone familiar with this firewall notice... From latest Total Security product on Win10 comp

it says the destination is a certain ip..... it is not my computer BUT IT IS another computer on our shared-house local network

Are the implications potentially dodgey?

Below is what the firewall notice reads as:


Feature Firewall

The application WDDriveService.exe attempted to connect to the internet:

File Path:\ C/Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WD Drive Manger\WD Drive Service.exe

Destination: 192.168.1.XXX/0

Protocol: TCP

Port: 8060

Bitdefender firewall has granted access for this application. If you want to deny access, click on the buttob below, or go to Firewall - Rules


The destination ip is not mine but is a computer showing in our dhcp list as connected to our student house local network.

There is also a second example that occured.... exactly the same except the desination is yet another different device listed on the dhcp

Any thoughts/ knowledge on this

Much appreciated