Bit defender free 3.116.10 overloading cpu

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I use a Samsung galaxy with Android 10 & one ui 2.5. Have been using Bitdefender free with no issues till now. Since last update 3.116.10 I get a notification from device security that following app has overloaded cpu (25.4%) do you wish to shut down app? The app/process listed is com.bitdefender.antivirus:scanner . This seems to be a valid BIT DEFENDER process right? Or is it a malware posing as BIT DEFENDER?

I do not use wifi internet but only mobile data. Noticed that I get this notification only while mobile data is in use. Happens with Chrome or Samsung internet browsers. BIT DEFENDER scan is clean. All my apps are only from playstore, device is not rooted and have around 70 apps in total most of which are default Samsung apps. Apps I've downloaded are 11 and I am pretty sure they are clean.

Anybody else has this problem? Data and Ram usage of BIT DEFENDER seems normal.


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    Bitdefender free for android is the lightest AV if compared to other vendors. It does not has malware database that is stored on the android as other AV vendors do, instead it uses cloud engine for which 24 hours of internet connectivity is required on android. If you do not have 24 hours connectivity of internet on your android, kindly be very specific while transfering the files from one place to another since at that time bitdefender free as well as the bitdefender mobile security will not protect you.

    Both the free and paid version of android product need 24 hours of internet connectivity to protect your device.

    So if there is no internet available on your android, bitdefender free is not the culprit. If mobile data is on and you are scanning the android with bitdefender free, it is obvious it will use resources since it will scan all the files on your android (both user installed and pre installed system apps) & then connect to cloud database and check if any app is malicious.



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  • I get the same problem with even higher cpu load and high battery consumption. I am permanently connected to Internet. My Bitdefender version is and Android V 10. The problem started to manifest recently. I do not launch any scan.
  • I get the impression that the problem started after I activated scam alert. I just de activated this and will see if this removes the problem
  • Thanks Flex, but it was overloading cpu without performing a manual scan. Also that process I mentioned was never running permanently before.


    I cleared cache and storage of Bitdefender thru the apps option in my settings app. Uninstaller Bitdefender and do a clean reinstall.

    For some reason the issue pops up after a Bitdefender update which does not get installed cleanly. The scan process which normally runs only while manual scans runs ad infinitum!

    Try this Jacav