How can any one person know all my nicknames and put them into a search criteria

When I enter a search into the questions, keywords, topics. Before I have a chance to enter a search all my nicknames from the time I was born, 66 years ago, to the present. Nicknames that not one person would know all of them. One of the other searches which comes on a drop-down list says "wrong browser", find blocked URLs, and another list of the same nicknames in different order. I cannot get rid of these. I even tried to follow one of them and it goes nowhere, even Google has no suggestions for that search criteria. I have no idea where someone would get that information, it's a total mystery. I also have no idea why someone collected that info. In addition it will not delete or cut. I just can't get rid of it. This appeared several months ago. I was shocked but I took my computer and had it wiped clean. Eventually, because the hacking was still going on, I bought a new computer. The problem persists.


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