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Bitdefender VPN nightmare.

edited January 2022 in VPN

So I deside I'll try the VPN app and the purchase was messed up trying to use PayPal resulting in my PayPal account being charged twice. Not knowing this as I believed there was an issue with PayPal. I wanted to try this software so I ordered again using my Credit card and the sale/purchase went threw. Believing all was good I installed the software. Reviewing my activity on my credit card site, low and behold I now have THREE charges on my credit card for the VPN software.. support@2checkoutcom told me that this issue would be taken care of. They got me a refund for one charge. Refund #2 apparently is underway.. leaving one active... now I'm been canceled from the service all together. I'm done, I'll take the loss of one charge and call this a lesson learned.