Ability to exclude directories/files from Safe Files protection

edited March 2021 in Feature request

In addition to the Protected Files list that determines which directories and files are protected, add a second similar list that allows to exclude some directories within the directories that have been specified for protection. For example:

Given the four files:





<more stuff>



to the protected list would protect all four files plus everything else in dir1. I would like to be able to add an exclusion as well:


such that the two files file3 and file4 are not protected, but everything else in dir1 is. The reason for this is to allow non-sensitive files that change frequently to be excluded so that the user is not constantly bothered by requests to allow them to be changed. The assumption here is that dir1 could contain lots of files and directories, and new files and directories can be added in the future that should be immediately protected. To allow for this, maintaining protection for the contents of dir1 as individual entries in the Protected Files list is not a workable alternative.