Ability to turn off Safe Files protection for a set period of time

I'm a developer. When I'm developing, I am often using a bunch of tools and scripts to do my work. Those tools and scripts create, modify and move sensitive files. Due to the nature of development, it is not manageable to whitelist every script and tool that modifies protected files. Compiled scripts and other binaries are seen as a different application over and over again. Much of the time, it's worth answering the dialog box that appears asking for approval to let the operation change files, so that the protection of the sensitive files is maintained.

But sometimes, you're changing lots of stuff over a short period of time (an hour or two), and answering the prompt for access permission over and over again becomes cumbersome. In these cases, it is worth disabling Safe Files for a while. The problem is, you have to remember to turn Safe Files back on. I would like a way to say "Disable Safe Files for 1 hour" so that I don't have to remember to re-enable the protection when I no longer need it disabled.